Here’s a quick set of instructions created using Google Chrome on a PC. Other operating systems and web browsers may vary slightly.

1) Login

2) Using the menu at the top of the page, navigate to SUBSCRIBERS > MONTHLY GRAPHIC.

3) Click on the link for the current month’s graphics; your browser will display a page with all of the current month’s graphics.

4) On the current month’s graphics page, selecting the graphics that you wish to download by checking the box below each graphic.

5) Click the ‘download selected images button‘

6) Your web browser will download the selected files as a zip file to the location on your local machine which you configured when you installed your web browser.

7) Navigate to the folder in which the zip file is stored.

8) Right-click on the zip file and ‘Extract All‘ (Note: the ‘Extract All’ selection will vary depending on the file compression application that you are using: WinZip, 7-Zip, ZipGenius, etc.)

9) Select a destination folder to which you would like to extract the image files.

10) Click the ‘Extract‘ button.

11) The application will extract the files to the destination folder. From here you can open the file(s) using PIXLR or another image editing application.

Need More Help???

If you do not know where your browser is saving the downloaded files, please refer to the resources listed below.

Google Chrome - click here

Firefox - click here

Internet Explorer - click here

Safari - click here