UPDATE!: We’ve recently been given information from Young Living Corporate that we can remove these, so expect not to see the watermark going forward.

Great question! We tried to be discreet with the placement of our watermark, but we also want it to be seen. The reasons are 2 fold:

1. You asked for it! This idea came from several of our members. There is so much information, info-graphics, and images floating around on the internet, that it can be hard to remember where you got it from. In order to make sure you are abiding by the terms of use, you need to know where a particular image originated.

2. ORD owns the copyright of the images we produce. That will never change. Your subscription gives you a right to print or use them only. Stock Photos with an unlimited commercial license are typically in the THOUSANDS of dollars PER image range, so we feel like by offering you rights to print and digital use with our watermark in tact is a really great deal. Please do not crop out or attempt to remove our watermark. Thank you!