The VAULT is a “graphic” warehouse where the best & most relevant monthly graphics since ORD started are retired to each month. It is is a complimentarily part to all Annual Subscriptions or can be purchased as a special add-on subscription for a one time fee of $35 for a 12 month period.

The VAULT was designed to be a solution for a few things we thought could work better for our subscribers. For example, the monthly graphics are personally branded each month. If a subscriber’s information changes next month, the VAULT allows them to go & download any graphic again with updated personal branding information. Secondly, many our subscribers would simply “forget” to download the graphics with the 6 week window of the monthly graphic galleries & were not experiencing the full benefits of their purchase. With access to the VAULT, this specific issue has become a distant memory. Lastly and most importantly, your newest business builder didn’t know about us in previous months, but can now benefit as if they did! By leading you’re newest business builder to our Annual or VAULT subscription options, you can help duplicate success using proven, compliant graphics housed all in one convenient place!