This is a great question!  There is a big difference between our US Subscription and the Canadian Digital Brochures. 

Our US Subscription is web based images and graphics that are generally not intended to be printed. They are small files that would have poor resolution and quality, and they are a "flat" format (meaning not for folding or booklets).  

The Canadian Digital brochures were created to be Printed collateral that is print ready (meaning it has bleeds and color-profile considerations, etc). These were not meant to be used online in a digital capacity. These are larger files, and they are customized for each member so that you have a beautiful and seamless print-ready product.

Lastly, our costs to provide these brochures for Canadian members are higher. These products are sold in CAD, so the conversion and exchange rates are absorbed by ORD, which is a US company. We also pay royalties to designers and corporate, which also raises our operating expenses.