That is a great idea! We've made it super easy for you! 

Simply follow these steps:

1. Add the One Month Gift product to your cart (You can gift more than one at a time in the same transaction too! Just add as many as you want to your cart).

2. On the checkout screen, fill out the Recipient Details. Select "Gift Coupons to someone else", then enter their email address and the message you would like included on the email that notifies the recipient of their gift!  If you've added more than one to your cart, you'll see multiple boxes to add the email addresses and messages for each person.

If you added more than one gift certificate to your cart and want to send them to multiple people, you can do that in one easy step on the checkout screen! Here's an example of how it will look if you purchase multiple gift certificates at one time:

3. Complete Checkout, and we'll take care of the rest!