Your Subscription is "On-Hold" due to a failed renewal or payment. This could be due to an expired credit card or some other change. This is easy to correct! Just follow these simple steps paying special attention to steps #2 and #3 

as the update of your payment method has to be associated with the failed payment:

1. Please login and then visit the "Subscriptions" page at

2. Scroll down to "Related Orders" and find the "Failed" order and Click "Pay" next to it. 

3. On the following page, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and select your payment method, enter your credit card details. Please note you may want to select the "Enter a New Card" radio button if your previous payment failed due to charging the card on file. 

Please note - if you were previously paying through PayPal and your payment failed because of a credit card issue at Paypal, you will login and make that change at, not on our website.